I'm running KDE on Arch Linux.

4.17.5-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Jul 8 17:27:31 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux
plasmashell 5.13.3
QMake version 3.1
Using Qt version 5.11.1 in /usr/lib

I would like to manage my screens with arandr and xrandr instead of kscreen, but I cannot remove kscreen because of dependencies. I also do not see an option or config setting to disable kscreen. However, I did see that there are multiple kscreen backends and one has the name KSC_Fake.so.

$  /usr/bin/kscreen-doctor --info
  * KSCREEN_BACKEND           : [not set]
  * KSCREEN_LOGGING           : [not set]
Logging to                : [logging disabled]
Preferred KScreen backend : KSC_XRandR.so
Available KScreen backends:
  * KSC_Fake.so: /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/KSC_Fake.so
  * KSC_KWayland.so: /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/KSC_KWayland.so
  * KSC_QScreen.so: /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/KSC_QScreen.so
  * KSC_XRandR.so: /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/KSC_XRandR.so
  * KSC_XRandR11.so: /usr/lib/qt/plugins/kf5/kscreen/KSC_XRandR11.so

I would also like to know what is the purpose of KSC_Fake.so. If I assign that backend, does it mean that kscreen is effectively disabled?

To enable a different kscreen backend, would I need to set both of these environment variables?


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