To install only the minimal set of debuginfo packages use the output of [dnf debuginfo-install] (without actually installing anything) to get the names of debuginfo packages and their respective repositories. Then construct the install command according to the following example:

   $ dnf --enablerepo=fedora-debuginfo --enablerepo=updates-debuginfo install <pkg-spec>-debuginfo

The effect of the --enablerepo= options is temporary. After the command completes, the debuginfo repos are not enabled. On the other hand, dnf does not immediately forget everything about the disabled debuginfo repos:

 Package                Arch      Version            Repository            Size
 systemd-debuginfo      x86_64    238-7.fc28.1       @fedora-debuginfo     27 M
 systemd-debugsource    x86_64    238-7.fc28.1       @fedora-debuginfo     15 M


When systemd is upgraded, will systemd-debuginfo be removed? Or, will systemd-debuginfo be somehow upgraded from the disabled repo? Or will dnf just fail? What will happen?

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