can someone please tell me what apache http-basic-authis ?

This is an example configuration for an apache ($ENV{REMOTE_USER})
# auth. backend. Use it if you want to have a singe login through
# apache http-basic-auth
$Self->{'AuthModule'} = 'Kernel::System::Auth::HTTPBasicAuth';
# Note:
# If you use this module, you should use as fallback
# the following configuration settings if the user is not authorized
# apache ($ENV{REMOTE_USER})
$Self->{LoginURL} = 'http://host.example.com/not-authorised-for-otrs.html';
$Self->{LogoutURL} = 'http://host.example.com/thanks-for-using-otrs.html';

I don't see it here

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It says HTTP-basic-auth not HTTPd-basic-auth.

You have to search HTTP documentation non HTTPd one.

The HTTP basic authentication is defined in RFC7617 but, probably, you can start with the wikipedia page.

Obviously, Apache HTTPd supports http-basic-auth. You can find Apache implementation details here

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