On my Debian 9 with Firefox 61 every word is marked as misspelled, except numbers (right now, currently as I'm typing).

Things I've tried:

  1. Remove en-US dictionary and return it (Had to hard delete the files, as a simple removal of the extension did not remove files or menu option).
  2. Add a second dictionary - it added them in the language menu and extensions tab but I don't see the files at /usr/lib/firefox/dictionaries/. I tried this both through the addons and preferences.
  3. Remove firefox (sudo apt-get remove firefox firefox-esr chromium to make sure no alternative is installed) and install again.
  4. Clear data (all of it).
  5. Delete ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.

None of the above works. I noticed removing/installing dictionaries from the extension page in firefox does not affect the actual dictionary folder, even though the extension appears and the select language menu updates.

How do I get spell check to work?

Pardon any spelling mistakes.


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It looks like Debian's latest update (61.0-2) has resolved this. The changelog says they've stopped compiling FF with the system's 'hunspell' package.


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