We want to search the following line recursive under folder/s

awk '{print}'|grep -i -e 'port is up' -e 'valid output'

so we did that:

grep -r "awk '{print}'|grep -i -e 'port is up' -e 'valid output'"  /var
grep -r "awk '{print}'|grep -i -e 'port is up' -e 'valid output'"  /etc
grep -r "awk '{print}'|grep -i -e 'port is up' -e 'valid output'"  /opt

but I am not sure if grep can managed the " ' " and "{" characters or maybe my syntax is wrong?

  • Are you sure that's the awk program you're searching for? It's just passing on its input... Ah well, you want the -F option for grep to search for a fixed string, and possibly -x to force a whole line match. What grep implementation are you using? GNU grep I presume? – Kusalananda Jul 8 '18 at 18:35
  • yes I am sure that we need to search the awk '{print}'|grep -i -e 'port is up' -e 'valid output' – yael Jul 8 '18 at 18:36

To search for a fixed string (not a regular expression), use the -F option with grep. If you additionally need to make sure that your string matches an entire line, use -x:

grep -Fx -r '...your string here...' directory

To get approximate hits (if a full line search doesn't return anything), I would start with just port is up (without -x), or possibly

grep -F -r -e 'port is up' -e 'valid output' directory

Neither | nor { or } are special in a regular expression pattern when you're using basic regular expression as you do here. ' is never special in a regular expression. However, since you are searching with a string (not a pattern), you should nonetheless use -F.

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