My /etc/aliases file needs editing but since I have the same file on over 100 hosts I want to just script it and put it to work. I have several alias entries and in one of them I want to remove the user along with the comma separator, like this:

alias_name1:    name1@example.com,name2@example.com,name3@example.com
alias_name2:    name1@example.com,name2@example.com,name3@example.com

So if I want to remove just ",name2@example.com" in "alias_name1" but not "alias_name2" how can I do that as the only example I have now is either remove the string from the entire file or remove the string from a specific line # in the file and since some of the files have a different number of lines that won't work either.

  • Have you considered using revision control? Have you considered augtool (augeas)? The 2nd can be used to edit config files. – ctrl-alt-delor Jul 6 '18 at 17:13

to remove just ",name2@example.com" in "alias_name1" but not "alias_name2"

sed approach:

sed -E '/^alias_name1/ s/,name2@example\.com(,?)/\1/' /etc/aliases

The trick with the 1st captured group (...) will also cover cases when ,name2@example.com figures at the end of the line or in the middle.

The output:

alias_name1:    name1@example.com,name3@example.com
alias_name2:    name1@example.com,name2@example.com,name3@example.com
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You can preface a sed subsitution command with a search parameter:

sed '/search_string/ s/remove_string//'

The above command will operate only on lines that match the /search_string/ regexp, substituting a null string for what was the remove_string match.

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