Say I have an env variable:

  echo lmx_setting_foo="bar";

the above env variable was created like:

$ lmx set foo bar

and that did:

export "lmx_setting_$2"="$3"

Say someone wants to retrieve "foo", they would do:

$ lmx get foo

but if I do this:

echo "$lmx_setting_$2"

it doesn't seem to work


There's a few ways to go about this, but the most portable is probably

eval "echo \$lmx_setting_$2"

but the bash-specific way to avoid an eval would be

echo ${!temp}

If you haven't before, you should open the bash man page and scroll down to Parameter Expansion to see all your options. You specifically asked about environment variables, but if you don't need to export these variables and you have a new enough version of bash (4.0+) you can use Associative Arrays and avoid this whole mess ...but then your script really isn't portable.

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