I create a .patch, then:

scripts/get_maintainer.pl 0001-my-patch.patch

and that gives output of format:

Josh Poimboeuf <[email protected]> (maintainer:LIVE PATCHING)
Jessica Yu <[email protected]> (maintainer:LIVE PATCHING)
[email protected] (open list:BPF (Safe dynamic programs and tools))
[email protected] (open list:LIVE PATCHING)

on Linux v4.17.

Is there any way to feed that output to either mutt or git send-email to save some copy paste time?

The help gives a hint at:

  Using "--roles" or "--rolestats" with git send-email --cc-cmd or any
      other automated tools that expect only ["name"] <email address>
      may not work because of additional output after <email address>.

but let's just document it clearly here to save other people some time.

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The kernel documentation suggests doing this manually, using the roles output by get_maintainer.pl to decide which recipients to include.

However, if you know get_maintainer.pl does the right thing, you can get it to produce output that will work as input to MUAs or git send-email by adding the --no-rolestats and --separator=, options:

scripts/get_maintainer.pl --separator=, --no-rolestats 0001-my-patch.patch

You can use this in cc-cmd to fill in carbon copies:

git send-email --cc-cmd="scripts/get_maintainer.pl --separator=, --no-rolestats" 0001-my-patch.patch

but that will strip the mailing lists, and won’t help you fill in the main recipients (which should include the maintainers and at least one of the mailing lists). It will still save you some copy-pasting, as requested.


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