I would like to start a tmux session on a separate window in iTerm2. Now I'm writing my own configuration script to launch the session.

tmux new-session -s dev -n main -d
tmux send-keys -t dev "cd $DL" C-m
tmux split-window -h -t dev
tmux split-window -v -t dev -p 30
tmux resize-pane -x 70 -y 20
tmux attach -t dev

This starts a new session but the window is on the window I execute the script, not the new, separate window in iTerm2.

So I changed the first line (tmux new-session -s dev -n main -d) to tmux -CC new -t dev, but then although the session starts in a new window, it does not have the split and the resize. It seems to only open the new session in a new window and that's all.

How can I make it launched in a new window with all the initial settings including the directory change, split window, etc...?


You can use applescript to do something like this:

$ cat a.bash
osascript - "$@" <<EOF
on run argv
tell application "iTerm"
    set new_term to (create window with default profile)
    tell new_term
        tell the current session
            repeat with arg in argv
               write text arg
            end repeat
        end tell
    end tell
end tell
end run

This provides a script which can then pass arguments passed into it, into another iterm2 terminal.

For example:

$ ./a.bash "echo 'hello iterm2'"

   ss of iterm2 launch


  • Thanks but how can I take the script to the argument of the a.bash? ./a.bash < my_script does not work (it only launches the window). It works if it is ./a.bash "tmux new -s dev", though. – Blaszard Jul 5 '18 at 11:26
  • @Blaszard - can you please update your question, it's not clear what exactly you want/expect to happen here then.If the last part works I'd saw your problem's solved, which I know isn't the case in your mind, but we need more to go on then. – slm Jul 5 '18 at 13:55

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