I'd like to change my tmux prefix key from control to command (on mac).

I have an example on how to set it to alt:

set-option -g prefix M-b

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tmux supports Alt+key (Meta+key) by prefixing the key with M-, or Ctrl+key with the C- prefix in the key binding specification. There is no support for any other modifier keys.

Related question on the SuperUser site: bind tmux prefix to OS X cmd key (or any other binding)

Also this random Reddit post: tmux on OS X: how to use the Cmd key with bind?

The general gist of these posts is to rebind a macOS command key sequence with some other software to send an Alt or Ctrl key sequence to tmux.

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    for some reason alt didn't work for me. ended up mapping the prefix to control-space on my mac. "set-option -g prefix C-Space"
    – foreyez
    Jul 4, 2018 at 18:28

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