I currently laying in a hospital and there is only wi-fi available over a hotspot, I guess it's a captive portal.

My problem is that I can't reach the login page, where I can enter my voucher for the wi-fi access. I use a laptop with arch linux on it. I find out the DNS and router address with my android phone. On android everything works. Btw. the captive portals looks like, that it's works over an HTTP redirect.

I tried to ping the DNS and router address, but I got every time: Host unreachable ...

I use NetworkManager for managing my wi-fi setting and the DHCP it set on automatic. I tried to set everything manual per hand but nothing change.

I also check my /etc/resolve.conf and its look good. It has the right name server in it. I guess the problem is that I can't reach the name server, but I don't know how to resolve the problem. I also checked my routing table with route and there where two entries for my interface wlp4s0. The gateway only has a entries with _gateway. I tried to change it manual to the right gateway address but it didn't work.

Thank's a lot for helpe me :)


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