Inside the xorg.conf.d/ for example, we have three files:

00-keyboard.conf  10-monitor.conf  30-touchpad.conf

I know that the 2-digit number determine the precedence that each file is read so 00-keyboard.conf is read before 10-monitor.conf.

But I noticed that documentation on different sites all seems to use the same convention, e.g., using 10-monitor.conf for monitor configurations.

So, what I want to know is if there are numbers mapped to certain devices or if is just a convention that everyone stick with and I can use whatever 2-digit number that I want (according to precedences, of course). And if they are mapped, where can I find them?

I have searched about it but everything I found just mention what I have just said and doesn't mention if I can use other numbers or not. Even the xorg.conf[5] man page does not mention anything.

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There is no mapping to devices or anything like that. The numbering is only used to enforce an order, and you don’t even have to name your configuration files with a number at the start — it’s just easier to reason about order with numbers.

So you can use any scheme you want.


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