I'm using firefox version 61.0 on Centos 7 with xfce4. But I also need to use citrix reciever in firefox and this only works until firefox version 52. Therefor I have installed firefox version 52 with yum and I downloaded firefox version 61 into a different location. Now I can start firefox 61 or 52 from main menu or panel item. But when I try to start the other version while the first version is still running, firefox opens a new window with first version. I created a new profile called old in ~/.mozilla/firefox, started firefox 61 from panel item and startet firefox from terminal with firefox -P old and it works. I inserted this command into the firefox.desktop file but it does not work. Can someone explain, what I'm doing wrong?

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I don't know what I did wrong the first time. Maybe it was a simple typo or something similar. But I tried it again and created following ~/.local/share/applications/Firefox.desktop

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Profile Old
Exec=firefox -P old

This works as expected. The old version of firefox is started with the old profile even if a new version of firefox is already started.

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