i have downgraded my bluez version from 5 to 4.79.First i uninstalled bluez5 with sudo apt-get purge and then i did sudo apt-get autoremove. Then i wget the tar file and did the classic ./configure , make , sudo make install without errors.

The problem is that: $ systemctl status bluetooth output is:

   Loaded: not-found (Reason: No such file or directory)
   Active: inactive (dead)

So when i try to $ sudo systemctl start bluetooth the output is:

Failed to start bluetooth.service : Unit bluetooth.service failed to load: No such file or directory

$ bluetoothd -v output:


How can i start the bluetooth service and why is the bluetooth.service file is missing? I am new to linux and i run bluez on rp1 with raspbian jessie. Any help appreciated.

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