I installed Arch Linux following this tutorial. After installing gnome and configuring .xinitrc, running


gave the error - "Could not resolve keysym XF86 KeyboardError" and exited. But

sudo startx 

gave some different error and showed three terminals with a clock on top right.

systemctl start gdm.service

gives the error "Something went wrong" with a "Log Out" button

Log File

Arch Version - 2018.07.01

While installing


was not found.

What I have tried -

export XAUTHORITY=/home/subham/.Xauthority

This gives the error - "timeout in locking authority" followed by a black screen and then the error "No protocol specifies..xinit: giving upxinit: unable to connect to X server: Resource temporary unavailable"

Setting XAUTHORITY back to "" doesn't change the error.

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    Running sudo startx will probably have resulted in your ~/.Xauthority file being owned by root and unwritable by you - don't do that (aside from the security implications of running an X server as root) – steeldriver Jul 2 '18 at 15:18

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