I have a fairly simple haproxy setup working fine>

publicdomain.com/web1 --> loads--> hiddendomain1.com/
publicdomain.com/web2 --> loads--> hiddendomain2.com/
publicdomain.com/web3 --> loads--> hiddendomain3.com/

EXCEPT... there is one specific site that all by itself already redirects hiddendomain4/ to hiddendomain4/app.cc This is causing all requests to publicdomain.com/web4 to try to load publicdomain.com/web4/app and thus not load at all.

I've already tried removing the /websiteX URI

reqirep ^([^\ ]*\ /)web4[/]?(.*)     \1\2

But this is causing the client to open publicdomain.com/app and also not work...

Any idea on how to properly handle the request so that the client browser still says publicdomain.com/web4 but it (internally) loads


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