I am trying to boot a linux kernel(version 4.14.13+) without initrd support. I compiled most of the modules required for PCI, filesystem and chipset driver with the kernel. I still get the Kernel Panic as shown in the image. I also attached a link pointing to my .config file. I wanted to know which driver/module being missing causes this Kernel Panic.

Document pointing to .config file

Kernel Panic

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  • I don't think this question would be too broad. The kernel dump clearly shows, that the root device can't be found, there is a clear list, which drivers should be included to find a common SATA hard disk, this list would be a good answer. – peterh Jun 30 '18 at 15:24
  • Devsot, compile the kernel with serial console, and use the virtual serial port feature of the virtualbox to find the whole boot dump. With it, you can see, if your hard disk controller, then your hard disk were detected and modify your .config until it will be. The unkown-block(0,0) clearly shows that your root device can't be found by the kernel in boot time, probably in the lack of drivers. – peterh Jun 30 '18 at 15:26