I am using Sakura as my terminal emulator and would like to use the Solarized Dark color scheme. My terminal is currently black with white font for everything- there is no color differentiation between directories, files, hostnames etc.

What I've tried:

In ~/.config/sakura/sakura.conf I have the line


which doesn't seem to have any effect. I also tried changing the lines




these change the text and background colors but I don't know how to make the terminal use more than 2 colors.

I have also tried changing colors in the GUI but this had the same effects as sakura.conf:

RightClick>Options>More>Set Palette>Solarized Dark had no effect.

RightClick>Options>Select Colors let me pick one text color and one background color from the default

Other Notes:

I am running Arch Linux, LightDM, Awesome and X.

I created a .Xresources file to try to change colors but Sakura doesn't seem to use that-tell me if I am wrong about this.

There is a solarized-dark-themes package in the AUR, but shouldn't that already be included in Sakura?

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