When using find, how can I drop the original filename extension (i.e. .pdf) from the second pair of -exec braces ({})?

For example:

find ~/Documents -regex 'LOGIC.*\.pdf' -exec pdf2svg {} {}.svg \;

Input filename:


Output filename:


Desired filename:


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    It would be better to use -name "LOGIC*.pdf" to match the filename as -regex matches against the full pathname. – Kusalananda Jun 29 '18 at 13:00

You can use an "in-line" shell script, and parameter expansion:

-exec sh -c 'pdf2svg "$1" "${1%.pdf}.svg"' sh {} \;

or (more efficiently, if your find supports it)

-exec sh -c 'for f; do pdf2svg "$f" "${f%.pdf}.svg"; done' sh {} +
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One method would be to run the results through a basic script -

for i in $( find ~/Documents -regex 'LOGIC.*\.pdf' )  
    o=$( echo $i | sed -e s/.pdf$// )  
    pdf2svg $i ${o}.svg  
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