Do Ryzen 3 2200u laptops work without issues with stock install of Debian 9 or Ubuntu 18.04?

I do not want to install nor patch nor compile!

I have to choose between Core i3 6006u and Ryzen 3 2200u. I know that Intel SoCs work out of the box on Linux. So they seem like a safe choice.

Any experiences? Does anyone of you own a Ryzen3 laptop and tried Linux on it?

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    That is, as I edited it, experience based. NOT opinion based! – user292692 Jun 27 '18 at 9:35
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    I don't think this question should be closed. – Chris Stryczynski Jul 2 '19 at 6:28
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    There are numerous issues relating to ACPI with Linux kernels older than 5.0. It's 'stable' for me with 5.1. According to reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/bkn1pq/… 5.2 will hopefully resolve most remaining issues. – Chris Stryczynski Jul 2 '19 at 6:30
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    Since this is closed and the OP has deleted their account so cannot improve it, I am deleting it. – terdon Jul 2 '19 at 8:37

I don't know if this helps you, but I have tried Debian(Kali-rolling) on a Tower with Ryzen3 2200. it worked without problems.


I have an Ideapad 330 with AMD Ryzen 3 2200U. I'm using Arch Linux at this time, but have tried Kali, OpenSUSE, Gentoo, Void, Fedora, lubuntu 18.10 (didn't work), Mageia, Elementary, Solus, CentOS (touchpad issues), MX (touchpad issues), and LMDE (didn't work).

In conclusion, any linux < 4.19.66 won't work probably.

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