As of my knowledge Linux system load average is affected by any means that can affect the system like CPU resource usage, memory consumption, disk I/O, network I/O etc. In top command I am checking the impact of running a python program on the system.

13895 ayush 20 0 61.1m 12.6m 6.1m 2.9 0.2 0:06.92 python sys_stat_monitor.py

So it is showing the program has utilized only 2.9% of the CPU time assigned by the CPU to the program to complete its execution. So should I assume this application affected the system by 2.9% in terms of CPU resource consumption at that particular moment??

  • you have all information of application in /proc/<PID> of father process/* & then you can compare things to general load & I/O – francois P Jun 23 '18 at 8:13
  • yes, but I want to know in a single core processor if an application is showing 2.9% CPU utilization, then what was the impact of this 2.9% on the total load of system at that moment? Do I need to find all the attributes which can affect the system load and find the percentage of impact due to each attribute? – AYUSH SENAPATI Jun 25 '18 at 6:28

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