I recently installed boost on my Ubuntu, did apt-get update and everything was fine. After a while, no apps were working. I tried to restart my PC but unfortunately, Ubuntu is not booting anymore.

The grub starts fine and my Windows 10 is still there, but when I choose Ubuntu, a blank page with some messages appear(not error messages) and then it stops here:

started update utmp about system boot/shutdown

I restarted a few times more. Sometimes the same page comes and sometimes just a simple blank page. Has my Ubuntu been damaged?? What should I do? I don't even know how to type any commands when I have no access to the terminal in this case.


You should read the logs to find out what is going on. Then you will know what to fix.

You need to find a way to access the journal with journalctl.

  • You can try switching to another kernel virtual terminal with (⎈ Control+)⎇ Alt+Fk. Usually people configure systemd to have at least one TTY login session running on a kernel virtual terminal, by default the sixth one.
  • You can try logging in via an SSH connection.
  • Fall back from those to bootstrapping the machine into rescue mode with -s on the kernel command line from the boot loader.
  • Fall back from that to bootstrapping the machine into emergency mode with -b on the kernel command line.

Read about the -b, -e, and -n options to journalctl in its manual to know how to select logs from prior bootstrap sessions.

Further reading

  • Unfortunately i got this solution late... i saw a different solution somewhere which tries to wget a library from security.ubuntu.com. i got 404 error with this wget and for solving that problem i editted my sources.list to old-repositories which was a wrong idea. I tried to revert back and update my ubuntu again but i got keyserver problems which required to add the key manually and i didn't have a browser to do it. I just have tty and root terminal in recovery mode. So i think i am unable to do anything more – Arghavan M.hasani Jun 25 '18 at 6:19
  • This is my sources.list problem: askubuntu.com/questions/1049299/… – Arghavan M.hasani Jun 25 '18 at 6:25

I had a problem with Ubuntu always hanging at that stage whenever I had my NVidia GPU inserted. Eventually the issue got resolved as I've unpluged the video card and installed the latest kernel. Seems like it was a kernel issue. I also removed and reinstalled the video driver, but the problem was probably only in the buggy kernel version.

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