I'm using putty client in windows to connect to remote Debian 6 via SSH. If I login as root I have normal command prompt like root@ion:~# and command autocomplete works fine when press tab. In case I log as not root user I have only $ in command prompt and no command autocomplete.

Why it is so and how to expand not root user possibilities?

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    Are you sure your non-root user's login shell on the remote system is set to bash - not a different shell such as dash? – steeldriver Jun 22 '18 at 15:04
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    This depends on the type of shell you have and its configuration. The root prompt is by tradition # to be significantly different from the traditional non-root prompt $. What shell are you using as the non-root user? – Kusalananda Jun 22 '18 at 15:04

When you login run the command ps as each user it will tell you which shell is being invoked. See if they are both bash.

If they are both bash, you could execute the builtin complete and see if that turns on autocompletion in bash. If that fixes the problem , just add complete to your users .bashrc

As for the prompt, that is a function of the environment variable PS1 run the command echo $PS1 and see what it says.


You can also find your shell by typing echo $SHELL also, I would cat /etc/password to see what shell that it's set to. Also, you can run chsh, to change your shell.

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