On a BeagleBone Black the Linux release installed is a bone-debian-9.2-iot-armhf-2017-10-10-4gb.img. After booting the stock system, it is updated to the Linux 4.9.37-ti-r47 image by:

apt-get update
apt-get install linux-image-4.9.37-ti-r47
apt-get install linux-firmware-image-4.9.37-ti-r47

Everything works fine. Now I uncommented all the deb-src line in /etc/apt/sources.list file. Did a apt-get update. And followed the steps in the related SO: how to know the source repository of a package in debian, to find out where to get the source code. Unfortunately it turns up an error:

root@beaglebone:/home/debian# apt-cache showsrc linux-image-4.9.37-ti-r47
W: Unable to locate package linux-image-4.9.37-ti-r47
N: No packages found

Where to find the source package that can be used to build the binary kernel?

I did the same for the bash package. It works fine.

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    Did you just want the kernel source? github.com/beagleboard/linux/releases/tag/4.9.37-ti-r47
    – tk421
    Jun 22, 2018 at 3:03
  • @tk421 It's interesting that the source does not reside with the released binaries. I'm looking for building the exactly same linux-image-<version> package as installed to the target. If you know how to create the deb, please convert your comment and further information into an answer. That will be great. Thanks!
    – minghua
    Jun 22, 2018 at 15:48
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    I looked but no such luck.
    – tk421
    Jun 22, 2018 at 22:30
  • I figured the code might not exist as a snapshot. There is a build script which will fetch the code and patch from multiple repos. I'll post an answer if it does show functionally as good as the original.
    – minghua
    Jun 30, 2018 at 4:24

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I believe the source code does not exist in a single package/snapshot.

There is a build script from https://eewiki.net/display/linuxonarm/BeagleBone+Black . The script is pulling code in three steps:

When all these steps are done, the build script tags and commits the code.

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