I can reload the Caja desktop by clicking anywhere on the desktop pressing F5. Is there any way to do this programmatically?

For example, I have a user script copies some files to the $HOME/Desktop directory. I'd like the script to be able to do an F5 so the user can immediately see these files instead of them having to manually do an F5.

I can do

caja -q && caja -n &

This works, but has the side-effect of killing all other caja windows that happen to be open.


Answering because I stumbled upon the same issue and found a solution

To stimulate refresh you can:

  1. Install xautomation by sudo apt install xautomation (you will need xte feature provided by it)

  2. Create a file named refresh and add the following in it:


xte "key F5"
  1. Finally right click refresh file, go to properties and check all Execute options inside Permissions tab It can now refresh whenever called

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