I run Fedora Linux 28, and have enabled sysrq. I pressed Alt+PrtScr+K, to kill a non-responsive X session. But this also restarted gdm, and one other X session, which were running on different VTs. Why?

  1. Linux SaK kills all processes which have the current tty open.

    See https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v4.17/source/drivers/tty/tty_io.c#L2700

  2. systemd-logind appears to open all active ttys.

    You can verify this using lsof.

  3. When X is run as an unprivileged user and relies on systemd-logind, it does not handle a restart of systemd-logind. When X loses its connection to systemd-logind, it terminates itself.


So SaK can indirectly affect all VTs, if you use unprivileged X, or Wayland.

Instead, you can use Alt+PrtScr+R, then Ctrl+Alt+F6. You can log in on the text console, and manually kill processes e.g. Xorg, or gnome-shell if you use a GNOME Wayland session).

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