I am attempting to install Gentoo on my PowerPC Mac. I have reached the point where I can boot the Live CD (I have no functional CD Drive, so it is from a spare Hard Drive), but after the kernel is loaded, I get a message "No root found at /dev/hda. It then gives me the options: shell to get into a shell, q to skip, enter to try the same again.

q to skip doesn't work, but it prints a nice warning >> Skipping. This will likely cause a boot error. Then it can't find /newroot in /etc/SOMETHING (I can't remember).

The shell won't really help me, if I try: dev/hda (the only thing I can find in /dev that looks like the second internal harddrive I am booting from), I only get the nice warning No mountable filesystems!.

Within the /boot/yaboot.conf file, the root is by default: root=/dev/ram0. Am I possibly missing a swap partition?

I changed the device within the yaboot.conf file to ultra0: as it is for that drive.

I used dd to copy the entire disk image to the drive, and it acknowledges itself to be a Live CD. The 40 GB hard drive even thinks it only has a 143.2MB capacity with 0 KB free. The only issue is: /dev/cdrom (which it seems to want to access) doesn't exist due to the hardware failure of my internal drive. The kernel will only even consider mounting valid drives within the /dev structure, so any advice on how to make the CD point to my drive?

  • Okay, does NOBODY know the answer to my question? A better one may be: If I cp something from my OSX /dev folder to the LiveCD /dev folder, does it point to the same device? If I add the option docache to the boot, and set root=ram0 as it is by default in yaboot.conf, could that work? – Aviator45003 Aug 12 '12 at 2:59
  • Sounds like something went wrong with the way you transferred the CD image to the hard drive. I'd recommend a utility like unetbootin – Patrick Aug 12 '12 at 3:59
  • @Patrick, I'll give it a try! However, what I did was: sudo dd if=/Users/TMC/Desktop/Linux/install-powerpc-minimal-20120624.iso of=/dev/rdisk0 – Aviator45003 Aug 12 '12 at 11:50
  • @Patrick, EDIT: unetbootin only works for Intel Based computers, I have a PowerPC-based... A web-search for similar utilities only returns dd as an option, so I'll try again with that. I think the greatest issue, however, is how /dev/cdrom is not valid, so I'll try solving this again by rebooting in a few minutes. – Aviator45003 Aug 12 '12 at 12:06

I ended up installing a Debian installation disk to a USB flash drive using 'sudo dd if="~/Desktop/mini.img" of="/dev/rdisk2 bs=1m", then from a successful install of Debian I could chroot into a Gentoo tarball, and install that way. To reformat hard-drives, I booted into the "rescue" mode of the Debian install disk. Same went for fixing yaboot problems after I finished my install of Gentoo, by execting a shell inside the gentoo partition, I was able to fix yaboot without needing to boot the operating system.

I was at last successful, thank you all for the help.

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