I recently did dnf update and it uninstalled gnome, so I did dnf groupInstall "Fedora Workstation". This restored gnome but every time I boot up, I have to login from the console and use startx. Any help on how to bypass this nuance would be appreciated.

  • Welcome to posting on U&L! Please always specify the version of the relevant software - in this case, whether it is Fedora 27 or Fedora 28. It also wouldn't hurt to start with a little more history, e.g. was this installed from the main Fedora Workstation 28 "Live Image", or from a different source like the so-called "DVD Image", or maybe it's an upgrade from a previous version (in which case you might not remember the original source :).
    – sourcejedi
    Jun 21, 2018 at 12:33

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The GNOME login screen is provided by gdm. You want gdm installed and enabled. I think you have already installed it. To enable it:

systemctl enable gdm

I just checked, and gdm is not listed as enabled by default in the "systemd-preset" file of Fedora Workstation. I guess gdm must be handled specially by the installer.


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