I am setting up an OpenBSD system as a router, I have one interface as the upstream, then another with a vlan configured:


inet NONE description upstream




inet NONE vlan 10 vlandev em1

When I ping from a client with a static IP of, and run a tcpdump on my OpenBSD box I get the ARP queries:

Jun 20 16:40:16.170853 08:00:27:9c:0c:38 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 0806 60: arp who-has tell

So it is clearly receiving the arps, but is not responding.

Anyone got any ideas?

Edit: Here is the routing table: enter image description here

  • Is your client using the same vlan tag when it sends the ARP request? – Andy Dalton Jun 21 '18 at 20:02

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