When I log into my desktop session, Plasma shell is unresponsive and CPU utilization is 100%. I have tracked this down to an issue with KDE Wallet and an attempt to make a WiFi connection. Unfortunately, I cannot resolve the issue via the desktop session because it is mostly unresponsive.

I am seeking a command line solution. I can log in via SSH or I can log into the console without SDDM & Plasma.

I saw a similar solution here: https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/36444/15010

cd $(kde4-config --localprefix)share/apps/kwallet mv kdewallet.kwl

However, I do not have a directory at ~/.kde4/share/apps/kwallet

The closest I find is ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet where I have I see only this one file: kdewallet.salt

find . -iname "wallet"

  • Going out on a limb, but would uninstalling the wallet w/o removing dependencies help? – ajeh Jun 19 '18 at 21:47

I think you have a couple of options:

pkill kwallet

to kill the current wallet processes. If your desktop is still unresponsive, change Enabled=false in ~/.config/kwalletrc and log out and back in.

On a side note, you can open the wallet configuration with kcmshell5 kwalletconfig5, but it crashes without a gui.

  • I think this is probably the right answer. Unfortunately, it did not work for me. After changing ~/.config/kwalletrc, kwallet continues to pop up and cause problems when I log in. – MountainX Jun 20 '18 at 5:44

For KDE4:

kwriteconfig --file kwalletrc --group 'Wallet' --key 'Enabled' 'false'
kwriteconfig --file kwalletrc --group 'Wallet' --key 'First Use' 'false'

For KDE5:

kwriteconfig5 --file kwalletrc --group 'Wallet' --key 'Enabled' 'false'
kwriteconfig5 --file kwalletrc --group 'Wallet' --key 'First Use' 'false'


# Kwallet is annoying, and also makes connecting
# to wireless networks take multiple attempts -- no thanks.



Disable KWallet password request in Arch Plasma 5




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