I recently turned on my laptop upon returning home and found that it would not start DE properly, exhibiting 'Load Kernel Modules' errors and forcing me to use tty2 through 6 to achieve anything. Upon running sudo ./systemd-modules-load from /lib/systemd/, the following message is displayed:

Failed to find module 'mesa'

Additional notes:

I am running an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics chipset and was able to boot perfectly fine less than 2 hours earlier without making any updates.

EDIT - Found the issue: a graphics library was missing.

  • Always post uname of your system. If you /sbin/modprobe mesa what is the output? Do you see mesa.ko.xz under /lib/modules for your kernel? How old is the laptop? Does it have a HDD or SSD storage? – ajeh Jun 19 '18 at 22:05
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    Thanks for the suggestions ajeh, but I found the issue. For some reason libwayland-egl1 was missing and was causing countless errors upon booting. I managed to enter tty2, connect to the internet, download the package and reboot. This fixed everything. – Stuart Foxcroft Jun 21 '18 at 9:24

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