In other email interfaces (Thunderbird, Gmail) I can send messages from my account (user@email.com) but override the From: field with another name and address, for example another address I control on the same domain.

How can I do this in Evolution?


You can add aliases to your email account as follows:

  • From the application menu select Edit > Accounts
  • In the Evolution Accounts window, expand the account you want to modify to reveal the "Mail Accounts" node, and expand that to reveal the imapx+smtp node
  • Edit that node
  • Open the "Identity" tab (should be the first tab opened)
  • Locate the "Aliases" box at the bottom of the right-hand pane
  • Click "Add" to add a new alias

You can enter just an email address to use the same "Full Name":


Or you can enter a new name and email address:

"User Two" <user2@email.com>

Either way, once you click OK and compose a new email, the new alias will appear in the dropdown list for the "From" field.



The same functionality exists as well in Evolution. It is described here: https://help.gnome.org/users/evolution/stable/mail-composer-from-field-override.html.en

  1. Create a new message
  2. Activate From Override Field via the menu item View in the menu bar.
  3. Enter the new from address below the ordinary from dropdown.
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