I am generating output file (.xls format) from the below DB query-

sqlplus -S -L user/pass@DB <<EOF | sed '/^$/d' >> home/test/query_output.xls
set line 22000
set head off
set feedback off
SELECT * from table;

The query_output.xls file contains records as below-

VIM     00 34562356   22412299    Dated                                                    11-JUN-18  OMM  sansra carla     Yes No No No         02356478               14-SEP-18

To send this query_output.xls file as an attachment in email, I am using below-

uuencode home/test/ query_output.xls | mailx -s "Subject" me@Domain.com

Also tried

uuencode query_output.xls query_output.xls | mailx -s "Subject" me@Domain.com

But not getting the data in attachment received in email.

Also tried mailx -a and mutt but its showing 'illegal option -- a' and 'command not found' resp.

mailx -a home/test/query_output.xls -s "Subject" me@Domain.com < /dev/null

mutt -a query_output.xls query_output.xls < /dev/null

also tried

mailx -s "Subject" me@Domain.com < query_output.xls

but no attachment received.

Could you please help?

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    That's not an XLS format file. – roaima Jun 13 '18 at 22:42

You can send an attachment with mutt like this:

"Body of email" | mutt -a query_output.xls  -s "subject" -- me@Domain.com

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