consider the following terminal output (inside a .sh file)

kagura@mylaptop1 : ~
=> sudo cp -a "$_source/*.txt" $_destination/Other/
cp: /home/myuser/*.txt: No such file or directory
08:06:13 Thu Jun 14
kagura@mylaptop1 : ~
=> sudo cp -a $_source/*.txt $_destination/Other/
08:06:33 Thu Jun 14
kagura@mylaptop1 : ~

The one with double quotes fails while the one without successfully runs.

I had the impression that double quoting when it comes to path/files is safe in the possibility that the path or file has a space.

Thanks for the help


* expands to the filenames in the folder, while "*" does not expand.

But your "impression" is right, you should quote all parts from which you are not 100% sure that there is no space in it.

You can mix quoted and non-quoted parts:

sudo cp -a "$_source"/*.txt "$_destination"/Other/
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    Also note, if *.txt expands to include files with spaces, this will not cause any problems for cp: the shell has performed word splitting before filename expansion, and it will not do a 2nd round of word splitting after the pattern is expanded. See gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bash.html#Shell-Expansions – glenn jackman Jun 13 '18 at 14:59

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