I had this issue for months. Whenever I moved to my home directory within a file popup (from both qt and gtk), the window freezed and I could neither close it nor move to another directory. I just had to pkill the parent window.

Running on archlinux, I decided it was some bug due to all packages being 'too much' up-to-date, so I patiently waited and every now and then upgraded the system, hoping it will be fixed.
Nope. And Google said nothing about it.

This lead me to creating symlinks between Downloads/Documents and a few other directories so that I don't have to go to ~/ from the file popup. I had to link files from ~/ to other directories and avoid any cd to it.

I was looking at the output of ls, inspected .config, deleted some weird files like ./- (it was empty, no idea where it came from), hoping this was the root cause.

Does anybody know how to fix it? One could probably copy the whole directory to another place and begin a binary search & remove process until it works. If it does.

Today, out of frustration I was inspecting the home dir again. And I found it.
This little piece of evil. It is so absurd it could cause such trouble that I want to share my finding with you, because it cost me a lot of inconvenience and I wish it to no one.


This is the little beast:

lrwxrwxrwx  1 user users   16 Jan 19 22:06  filename -> /mnt/sdb1/VIDEO/

Looks like just a broken symlink, but this is not all. Because I have this:

$ grep sdb /etc/fstab
/dev/sdb1   /mnt/sdb1   auto  rw,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 2

And everytime you reference /mnt/sdb1, it tries to mount it to /dev/sdb1. And if there's nothing plugged in and there's no /dev/sdb1, it freezes.

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