My hardware is a laptop with USB3.0 ports. On it, there are the last Debian distribution (9.4) with KVM installed from the apt repositories.

The USB controllers in KVM for my Windows 10 VM is set to "USB 2.0". All VirtIO drivers are installed on guest from the last version.

The issue is when I plug a 3.0 USB key on 3.0 USB port : nothing is mount in guest (auto redirect USB is on).

  • If I plug a 2.0 USB key on 3.0 USB port : it works
  • 3.0 USB key on 2.0 USB port : doesn't work
  • 3.0 USB key on 3.0 USB port through USB 2.0 cable : it works

The Windows 10 make sound like everything is ok when you plug a USB key, but nothing appears in explorer. In Device Manager, under "Universal Serial Bus controllers", there are an unknown device which is in trouble. But no driver in VirtIO ISO can fix it.

I haven't found any solution about this issue. Does someone has one ?

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