On Linux Mint 18.3, when I used to install mdm, the command sudo apt install mdm would open a prompt such as:

enter image description here

and I would choose the default display manager. Running sudo dpkg-reconfigure mdm would also open the new window.

On Linux Mint 19 Beta, installing mdm does not open such a window. How to overcome this?

I just compared step by step on two fresh installations:

  • in both cases, lightdm is installed default and mdm is not.
  • with 18.3, sudo apt install mdm opens a new window, but not on 19 beta.

Mint developers have added a new software package called middleman which uses the name mdm, replacing the Mint Display Manager, which is no longer available from what I've seen. Kind of a juvenile way to force people into your personal preference, but user preference no longer seems to be a priority.

  • I don't think so - on a Mint 19 system - user@darkstar:~$ apt-cache madison mdm mdm | 0.1.3-2.1build2 | http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic/universe amd64 Packages Change is coming from Ubuntu, not Mint.
    – ivanivan
    Jul 14 '18 at 15:52

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