I have a script process.csh for processing many files through many steps which the above output is the input of below command. Do I need to insert a delay between commands to be sure there is no potential error of the process in reality ?

sed -i.bak -e '1488,2627d' FF_3p63_0p99_m040c.lib    
sed -i.bak -e '1488,2627d' FF_3p63_0p99_p125c.lib
sed -i.bak -e '1488,2627d' SS_2p97_0p81_m040c.lib
sed -i.bak -e '1488,2627d' SS_2p97_0p81_p125c.lib
sed -i.bak -e '1488,2627d' TT_3p30_0p90_p025c.lib
sed -n '2716,3855p' FF_3p63_0p99_m040c.lib.bak | sed 's/_V/_H/g' > FF_3p63_0p99_m040c.split                                                                             
sed -n '2716,3855p' FF_3p63_0p99_p125c.lib.bak | sed 's/_V/_H/g' > FF_3p63_0p99_p125c.split
sed -n '2716,3855p' SS_2p97_0p81_m040c.lib.bak | sed 's/_V/_H/g' > SS_2p97_0p81_m040c.split
sed -n '2716,3855p' SS_2p97_0p81_p125c.lib.bak | sed 's/_V/_H/g' > SS_2p97_0p81_p125c.split
sed -n '2716,3855p' TT_3p30_0p90_p025c.lib.bak | sed 's/_V/_H/g' > TT_3p30_0p90_p025c.split
sed '1487r FF_3p63_0p99_m040c.split' FF_3p63_0p99_m040c.lib > ./temp/FF_3p63_0p99_m040c.lib
sed '1487r FF_3p63_0p99_p125c.split' FF_3p63_0p99_p125c.lib > ./temp/FF_3p63_0p99_p125c.lib
sed '1487r SS_2p97_0p81_m040c.split' SS_2p97_0p81_m040c.lib > ./temp/SS_2p97_0p81_m040c.lib
sed '1487r SS_2p97_0p81_p125c.split' SS_2p97_0p81_p125c.lib > ./temp/SS_2p97_0p81_p125c.lib
sed '1487r TT_3p30_0p90_p025c.split' TT_3p30_0p90_p025c.lib > ./temp/TT_3p30_0p90_p025c.lib

No, there’s no need to insert delays, they won’t have any effect on potential errors.

You should however check for errors — the simplest way to do so on current systems is to add

set -e

at the start of your script. See David Pashley’s guide to writing robust shell scripts. Note however that set -e isn’t a panacea, there are subtle differences in behaviour depending on the shell you’re using.

  • There's a hint in the question that this is csh. Would set -e apply? – glenn jackman Jun 8 '18 at 15:28
  • @glenn silly me, indeed, it wouldn’t. Is there a csh equivalent? – Stephen Kitt Jun 8 '18 at 15:35

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