I have many packages that are marked as autoremovable. I want to mark them as manually-installed, so that they are no longer autoremovable.

I can do it one package at-a-time using

sudo apt-mark manual <package name>

But how can I do it for all of the packages in one go, without typing all of the package names.

An answer to this question describes how to mark all automatically-installed packages as manually-installed, but I want to mark only the autoremovable packages.

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You can specify multiple package names as arguments to apt-mark manual:

sudo apt-mark manual package1 package2 package3

This will mark all those packages as manually installed.


sudo apt-mark manual $(sudo apt-get -s autoremove 2>/dev/null | awk '/^Remv / { print $2 }')

will mark all packages which are auto-removable as manually installed.


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