I have to forward all snmp request to remote deivces from a local machine to proxy server. Is it possible ?

The actual requirement is like i have set of network devices that are only accessible through machine A. Machine A and network devices are in same network. Now i have to send snmp request to devices from a machine B that is outside the network and it has not access to newtwork devices.Network devices can be only accessed through machine A. So i am looking a solution by which i can forward all snmp request on machine B for network devices to machine A over ssh , is it possible ? if yes then any solution will be much appreciated.

I am looking solution similer to http://www.morch.com/2011/07/05/forwarding-snmp-ports-over-ssh-using-socat/ but in this solution snmp agent is server as remote server (running snmp agent code on machine A) but in my case remote server A and snmp agent (devices ) are different.


A possible solution might be installing net-snmp on Host A and configure it as a snmp proxy like that:


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