OS: Linux Mint 18.2 sonya

By clicking the menu-button in the panel, there exists the option Run Program .... I want to create a shortcut in Menu/Settings/Settings-Manager/Keyboard/Application-Shortcuts to access this application-launcher from the menu. Does there a terminal command exist which i can use to assign a shortcut-key-combination in order to call this application-launcher?

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As mentioned in the documentation from the Xfce documentation page, you can either use the Run Program from the Start menu or you can press ALT + F2.

Application Finder If you know the name of a program and it is not on the panel or in the desktop menu you can use the run dialog. To open the dialog type Alt-F2 or choose the Run Program... option from the desktop menu.


This is not an Xfce only option.


Alternatively, you can start it from the command line using:

xfce4-appfinder --collapsed

This can be conveniently accessed via Keyboard > Application Shortcuts in the Settings menu by adding a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

  • After looking up the shortcut [Alt]+[F2] in the Application shortcuts, i found the according command xfce4-appfinder --collapsed i was looking for. Thanks! – PatrickSteiner Jun 5 '18 at 6:27

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