I know how to use


To see how long the OS has been running, and

last reboot

To see a log of recent OS reboots.

Is there an easy way to see when the box was last power cycled?

The output of the last command includes the line

wtmp begins Tue Jan 19 hh:mm:ss yyyy

But that is a log which rotates.

Centos 3.10 if the answer is not universal.

On a clone of the box I'm actually interested in I can indirectly get the answer via the BMC management console:

Under the Server Health tab there is a Power Statistics section which tells me "System Power Statistics value over the last n.nn Hours" which reset after I used the management console to power cycle the box.

So the answer is out there.

I don't have ipmitools or showsel installed on this box, and certainly could not get permission to install software on the remote box that is my actual target of interest.

There was a comment (apparently deleted) telling me to check my BIOS version to see if there is something in the docs; the command I found to do that is

(Root prompt) dmidecode -s bios-version

And more generally

(root prompt) dmidecode | head -(medium sized number)

So I have a starting point for further research.

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