I'm using unbuffer to run a command that expects to be run within a tty. However it's returning the following:

[?1049h[?1049l[?12l[?25h(B[?12l[?25happ: empty picture

What do these characters represent?

I can see a similar string of chars here: https://github.com/nsf/tbclock/blob/7535693d14ab0cc37a2115d88d558babebde2e36/termbox/term.c#L19


That's the printable part of escape sequences for

  • switching to the alternate screen [?1049h
  • switching back to the normal screen [?1049l
  • making the cursor blink
  • setting the character-set to ASCII

See XTerm Control Sequences for a list... the escape character happens to be non-printing, and perhaps lost by unbuffer.

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