I would like to use pdfsig from poppler-utils in my ubuntu 16.04, at first I installed poppler utils from apt but pdfsig was not part of that package. When I looked man pages for 'pdfinfo' in the SEE ALSO section, according to http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/artful/man1/pdfinfo.1.html it should appear pdfsig(1), but in my ubuntu 16.04 there were just a few ones and pdfsig was missing.

I looked for the sources to compile, from https://poppler.freedesktop.org/ I downloaded and compiled poppler-0.65.0.tar.xz. Now when I see the manpages for pdfinfo I can see pdfsig(1) in the SEE ALSO section. But when I try to run pdfsig in command line, nothing happens and a message saying pdfsig: command not found appears. Also if I try to look man pages for pdfsig like man pdfsig or man 1 pdfsig, a message saying No manual entry pdfsig or No manual entry for pdfsig in section 1 appears.

Am I missing something? please if someone knows how to use pdfsig I would really appreciate help. Thanks in advance.

  • You said, "I installed poppler utils from apt but pdfsig was not part of that package." To me, this sounds like a bug, either in Ubuntu 16.04 or in your apt configuration or both.
    – user6860
    Jun 1, 2018 at 18:30

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You are correct that pdfsig is not in the poppler-utils that comes with 16.04. However, it is in poppler-utils from 16.10 and later.

If the compile of poopler 0.65 completed successfully, you should be able to run pdfsig by giving the path to the compiled binary. You can probably find the path by running find . -type f | grep '/pdfsig$' in the poopler build directory. Then you just run ./path/to/pdfsig <options> <PDF file>

Alternatively, you could install the poppler-utils from the 16.10 packages. You'll need to download the deb files from here. Just search for 0.44.0 or 0.48.0 and download the right one for your architecture (probably i386 or amd64, if you're on a 32-bit or 64-bit x86 architecture). You won't need all the matching packages. Run dpkg-query -l |grep poppler to find the names of the packages you should download.

  • Thank you so much! I just used the repos from ubuntu 17.10 in my sources.list, updated and upgraded poppler-utils, now it works!!
    – Migdress
    Jun 5, 2018 at 14:57

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