I have two files

$ cat file1.txt

$ cat file2.txt

I want to use this command

$ diff --old-group-format=$'\e[0;31m%<\e[0m' --new-group-format=$'\e[0;31m%>\e[0m' --unchanged-group-format=$'\e[0;32m%=\e[0m' file1.txt file2.txt

I got this output with UUXX:3 and UUXX:2 in red and UUXX:1 in green


But I want to make them side by side like this, and keep the UUXX:3 and UUXX:2 in red and both UUXX:1 in green.

UUXX:1                             UUXX:3
UUXX:2                             UUXX:1
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    sdiff any help here? – steve Jun 1 '18 at 12:15
  • sdiff didn't work the way i want – Noor Jun 1 '18 at 12:17
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    If you are familiar with vim, vimdiff is a good choice – Thor Jun 1 '18 at 12:55
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    have you tried -y, diff -y file1.txt file2.txt | colordiff – Siva Jun 1 '18 at 12:59
  • What version of diff do you have? – sys463 Jun 1 '18 at 14:01

This isn't exactly the thing required, but it's similar:

diff  --color=always -y file1 file2

Outputs in red, green, and white:

                                  > UUXX:3
UUXX:1                              UUXX:1
UUXX:2                            <
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