x2goclient is used to access a remote server. Everything works out greatly, yet the X session does not load .Xresources file automatically as I'd expect.

I tried to add the following line in the .xinitrc:

[[ -f ~/.Xresources ]] && xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

Yet it does not load the file neither.

Can anyone shred some light on how x2go session initialization process?



I just faced the same issue. Looking at /etc/x2go/Xsession I figured out that x2go is looking for the users X resources in $HOME/.Xresources-x2go. So ln -s $HOME/.Xresources $HOME/.Xresources-x2go will do the trick, if you want the same X resources for your local and remote sessions.

  • Furthermore, looking at /etc/x2go/Xsession, there are similar changes for other startup scripts: .xsession-x2go, .xsessionrc-x2go, .Xsession-x2go, .Xmodmap-x2go and .Xkbmap-x2go, – David C. Oct 24 '18 at 20:32

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