I have following text in a file

 "rules": [
    "rulesReference": [
            "link": "https://localhost/mgmt/tm/ltm/rule/~Common~Tetration_TCP_L4_ipfix?ver=12.0.0"

want to extract anything inside "rules": [] currently it is


Output should look like


but again this can be anything.


If your input file contains non full-fledged JSON but only inner fragment (though structurally valid) you may recover the missing "outer" parts to get a full valid JSON structure.

sed + jq solution:

jq -r '.rules[] | sub("/Common/"; "")' <(sed '1 s/^/{/; $ s/$/]}/' file)

The output:


Of course, if in real you have a valid JSON - just skip the sed processing and just use:

jq -r '.rules[] | sub("/Common/"; "")' file

If this is a well-formed JSON file:

$ jq -r '..|select(type=="object" and has("rules")).rules|map(split("/")|.[-1])|.[]' file.json

This will use jq to recursively find all the JSON objects that has a rules key. For all the array values of those keys, it will split the value on / and return the last component of it.


Using AWK:

awk -F '[/"]' '/"rules": /,/],/{if(/"rules": |],/) next; print $(NF-1)}' file.txt

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