I use Alt+Space in Emacs, but in Xfce it pops up window manager menu at the upper left corner of a window. How do i disable Alt+Space for Xfce and change global keyboard shortcuts in general?


Here, in Xfce4 Settings Manager or launch xfce4-settings-manager from terminal,

In Window Manager configuration, find the keyboard part, look for Window operations menu, and then hit on Clear button, which will remove that shortcut key, effects immedately

enter image description here

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    It also allows to update other shortcuts, for example to move window to next/prev workspace. Very handy! Oct 8 '15 at 6:55

Go to Menu → Settings → Settings Editor, select "xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts", select xfwm4 → custom → <Alt>Space, then press "Reset property" button. Every other key combination can be set and unset there too.

Settings Editor is the general way to configure everything in Xfce4, though not user friendly.

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    Indeed it is not user friendly. However, is there any user friendly way to configure shortkeys? Where I can just press the keys to configure them? Dec 3 '17 at 13:55

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