I have several files with these names:

file1, A.ext  
file1, The.ext  

I need to change there names as

A file1.ext  
The file1.ext

That is I need to move the article from the end to the beginning erasing the comma. How would I do that?

I have looked into rename command but I have no experience with perl regex, I came up with this ridiculous command which doesn't work, I'm leaving it for showing my hopelessness:

rename 's/(?<=[A-Z a-z \s]*),\sA//' *

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You would need to have:

rename -n 's/^([^,]*),\s*(.*)\.ext$/$2 $1.ext/' *
  • This ^([^,]*), matches everything but a comma until a first comma seen from the begging of the files name.

  • This \s*(.*)\.ext$ matches zero-or-more whitespaces followed by anything and ends with .ext.

  • The $2 and $1 is back-references to the (.*) and ([^,]*) respectively.

will do rename as following:

rename(a single file,.ext,  a single file.ext)
rename(a single file, some thing.ext, some thing a single file.ext)
rename(file1, A.ext, A file1.ext)
rename(file1, the.ext, the file1.ext)

P,s: remove -n to do rename on files which is used for testing.

  • I came up with the following before seeing your answer: rename 's/(\d\d)\s((\w|\s)*),\s(A|The)/\1 \4 \2/' *
    – 3N4N
    May 28, 2018 at 7:11

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