In some tutorials (Here and Here) about netplan dhcp4 appear in the following way:

 version: 2
 renderer: networkd
    dhcp4: no


    dhcp4: yes

But in netplan examples and blog ubuntu sometimes appear in the following way:

    dhcp4: true


    dhcp4: false

And in other examples it appears as not/yes

What is the correct way to set dhcp in Ubuntu 18.04 (yes/no or true/false)? Thanks


Netplan configuration syntax is YAML, and the dhcp4 setting takes a boolean value.

According to http://yaml.org/type/bool.html the acceptable values are y/n, yes/no, true/false and on/off, written either with all lowercase, with an Initial Capital, or with ALL CAPS.

So all of the ways you listed are correct.

The canonical ("the most correct" if a distinction must be made) form would be lower-case y/n.

However, the definition says:

A Boolean represents a true/false value. Booleans are formatted as English words (“true”/“false”, “yes”/“no” or “on”/“off”) for readability and may be abbreviated as a single character “y”/“n” or “Y”/“N”.

So you can use any of those forms, whichever you find easiest to read.

  • Thank you for this reference. I was confused while reading over the documentation examples on netplan.io -- they should simply pick a convention to avoid unnecessary confusion among those not familiar with YAML (yet). – bd1251252 Mar 27 at 5:49

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